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ICSJWG 2011 Spring Conference Presentations

These documents are ‘as received’ from the respective authors, who have released them for public distribution but may retain copyrights of the presentation matter. Please contact the authors for additional information regarding specific rights retained. Content and opinions are those of the authors and do not represent DHS opinions, endorsements, or recommendations. The advice and instructions provided in the attached are provided as is, with no warranties, and should be confirmed and tested prior to implementation, as applicable.

Should you wish a copy of any of the approved presentations, please contact us at ICSJWG@hq.dhs.gov and we will gladly forward a copy to you.

Conference Agenda

Security From the Ground Up
Steve Parker, National Electric Sector Cybersecurity Organization (NESCO), EnergySec

The Voice of the Asset Owner
Darren Highfill, UtiliSec

Exploitation 101: Turning a SCADA Vulnerability into a Successful Attack
Joel Langill, SCADAHacker

Reconsidering the Risk-Based Formulas and Standards Approach To Improving Security
Mike Ahmadi
Gib Sorebo
Dr. Fred Cohen

How Stuxnet Spreads: A Study of Infection Paths in Best Practice Systems
Andrew Ginter
Joel Langill

Integrated Factory Acceptance Test (IFAT) as Security Best Practice
Larry Alls
Lori Hayes
Anna Wang

Network Packet Visualization Technology in Process Control Systems
Tatsuaki Takebe
Dr. Kazuya Suzuki

Control Systems Security Program Transportation Sector
David Sawin

In the Dark in 2010 - Necessary Progress in 2011
Scott Aken
Pamela Warren

DNS Data and Metadata Extraction: Techniques for DNS Analysis
Ryan Breed

Advancing the Roadmap Implementation
Mark Heard

Validating the Security Assurance of Industrial Automation Products
Andre Ristaino
Graham Speake
John Cusimano

Protecting Maritime CIKR
Scott Dickerson



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